2020- Quarantine

A new normal for us has been a lot of time at home. Both of our jobs have allowed us to work from home. To top that off Katie has been doing distance learning or learning from home. I think the cat is the most confused with all this togetherness. The weather over the weekend made it difficult to get out much but we did do a driving trip to Hudson and River Falls to drop off a turkey dinner for Easter.

I have been trying to continue on the meal planning though it is more of a lets make this tonight kind of adventure. Tonight we had homemade pizzas and we each had a corner that had our favorites on it. I have to say that using the Jiffy pizza crust has stepped it up a bit and Ryan appreciates the crispy crust.

We do hope all of you are doing well in this time. We miss our time with family and friends and are finding a new normal with using FaceTime and Houseparty to connect. We are thankful to be able to see smiling faces and visit still. I miss my coworkers though try to touch base weekly with them.

I will work on a meal plan this weekend to share in the coming weeks.

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