Play at the high school. Meal Planning week Nov 3-9

The high school is putting on a play, since Katie is helping with the technical side we are excited to see it! We really did enjoy the play. The kids did a great job and the lighting was fantastic.

I am hoping to start doing Amish Friendship Bread starting this week. I have found a recipe for the starter and a recipe for the bread. I used to enjoy this bread as a child when my mom had starters. Looking forward to making bread again. I will let people when when I have starters available if anyone is interested.

Meal Planning again to try to get back on track. Keeping on this band wagon has been a challenge for me. I have such good intentions and then end up falling short. I do want to try some new recipes so I will be going through a cookbook or two to find some inspiration. Monday night will be tacos and I still need to figure out the rest of the week.

The site went down from a upgrade and I didn’t have a chance to upload this post. I will upload now.

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