Welcome to 2021 and New Home

Enjoying the new house and space it provides. We love our outdoor space and was able to enjoy it over the Easter weekend. I know I want to work on this blog more and try to do more meal planning and trying of new recipes. The new house has a nice kitchen and I so enjoy cooking with in it. My goal for the 2021 year is to try a new recipe at least once a week with a review of it. I will work on the meal planning again per week and try to give some ideas for others that may have fallen in a rut.

For Christmas, Ryan got me a Foodie Grill and man it has been the most used kitchen gadget that it has a space on the center island. We have grilled pork chops as well as kabobs in it. The air fryer is a bonus and we have cooked many meals in it. Looking forward to cooking more in it.

The new home had a gas stove and man I am really loving cooking on a it. Everything about it is great. There is a griddle part and pancakes come out great on that. I can use my pampered chef grilling pan on the center burner as well and make the fried potatoes a favorite in our house. I first pan fry them and then bake them while the other food is cooking. I cut up red potatoes with onions and green pepper season with Penzey’s 4S season salt, Penzey’s minced garlic as well as Penzey’s pepper.

We have a vegetarian in our house and so cooking has become more of a experiment for me especially since we don’t want meatless every meal. We tend to make things that we can have meat with but also be veggie. I picked up some of the veggie items at the store to make along side the meat things. The veggie bacon did taste like bacon I have to admit.

The move to Oak Park Heights has been a great one. We love our new home and where it is located. We are walking distance from a lot of places including where my dad is for long term care. We have walked over and waved at his window once on a really warm March day. We then used FaceTime to talk to him while we stood below.

Breakfast today I opened up some Cheerios and some of them were shaped like hearts. Being that I love hearts it made my day. It’s the small things that you can really appreciate and bring a smile to your face.

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