A New Year-2020

I am here on January 1, 2020 thinking of what I most look forward to in the coming year. Today has been quiet and a good time to reflect or in my case look ahead. Time to start planning and what better place to start then the kitchen and meals. I keep saying the meal planning is the step to the future. I do really well for awhile then I get overwhelmed take a step backwards and then we are eating out to much. I think my biggest obstacle is planning my lunches at work as well as getting breakfast ready for all. I have been baking bread every 10 days the amish friendship bread which has been nice to have on hand but we need more than just breakfast bread.

I have looked for applications on the iPad or iPhone to help with meal planning but to be truthful the things that work best for me are paper and pencil. I say pencil because I am always changing my meal plan. Though if I can get a weeks worth of food down I can always switch it up as needed for the week. Which I do for time to time. So for 2020 I am going to prepare meal plans for Monday through Sunday each Sunday and place them up on here. Let me know if there are recipes you would enjoy seeing. I will also update some recipes on the recipe link on this page. Looking forward to meal planning success in 2020.

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