Month at a glance- January 2020!

I decided to take Ryan’s advice and instead of just doing a week of meal planning why not just plan the month! It seemed like a daunting task though. I printed a calendar for January and 4 weeks worth of week at glance calendars and set forth on the adventure to fill up a month. Upon review of my completed work I have Mexican food Tuesday’s! Along with this I wanted to try out new recipes at least once a month. This coming Tuesday is the first one and it will be nachos. Ryan had located this one and thought it sounded good. When getting the pantry items at the store I picked up two of each, that way if we really like the recipe we are set for next month as well if it is added to the rotation.

I went out to Hy-Vee yesterday morning for the majority of the items on the list but I do enjoy going to Costco and Sams for chicken and pork items as it is a bit cheaper to do it that way. At Costco I like to get the 6 package of the chicken breasts because one of the packages can be a meal for the three of us.

Please let me know if there are any recipes you would enjoy having, I will be happy to add them to the recipe page within the site.

Month of January at a glance- Dinner menu
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