Week of July 8-14 Meal Plan

Starting back with the meal plan this week. Meals are a little lighter because it is just Ryan and I at home. Katie returns home on Friday so next week we will have bigger meals for the week.

Breakfast I have yogurt that I take to work and eat there.
Lunch was a salad.
Dinner: BLT and corn from the freezer and Cantalope

Breakfast- Yogurt
Lunch- BLT left overs
Dinner- Tacos with ground beef and Penzey taco seasoning

Breakfast- Yogurt
Lunch- Tacos
Dinner- Chicken Stir Fry (see my recipe added)

Breakfast- Yogurt
Lunch- Stir Fry
Dinner- Personal Pan Pizza
I have 2 pampered chef pizza stones that I use for the pizzas.

Breakfast- Yogurt
Lunch- Pizza left overs
Dinner- River Falls Days- Dinner out

Breakfast- Eggs and Corn Beef Hash along with Toast
Lunch- Sandwiches
Dinner- River Falls Days

Breakfast- Waffles and Bacon
Dinner- Chicken Tikka Masala (recipe added)

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