A day of planting

What an amazing day of planting our new flower pots and our garden. For many years we had a patio garden which is all we could have at the town house. I would plant large tubs with tomatoes and peppers. This year in addition to the tubs we have a whole garden space in a raised garden bed.

We started today with a trip to Lowe’s to find plants and dirt. Katie was hoping to get some veggie plants as well as some herbs. Once we found all the plants along with dirt we headed home to work on the raised garden bed. I think this had been unused for several years and so it was full of weeds that needed cleaning out. We started by taking the top layer of dirt out and then added in new dirt. We have planted the area but have left a corner to add pumpkins too. We still have used some planters for the herbs and onions. We are ecstatic with how it all turned out and can’t wait for fresh veggies this summer. We will keep you posted on the progress of everything.

This last week felt like we might be getting summer soon. We had BLT’s, this always makes me feel like summer will be here soon. Looking forward to longer days for freezing strawberries and corn and canning and enjoying our new deck spaces. It has been amazing already and Orie loves her gazebo time.

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