Summer to cold, Love Minnesota

We have been loving the outdoors here. Garden is growing all the seeds have sprouted and things look amazing. I have made fresh salsa using the fresh cilantro. This weekend we will be planting our last item pumpkins. I am excited as we have a whole area for them to grow to. I will also need to stake up the sunflowers and they are leaning forward currently.

Today we have rain and 40 degrees so we are enjoying the big screen watching some tv. It appears the weekend will not provide us much warmth so it might be a movie weekend or video games.

With June fast approaching I am getting excited for potential camping trips. We also have a planned week off which will include a saints game and hopefully strawberry picking. This summer I need to get canning and freezing last year with the house sale we didn’t find time to do any of it.

Tomato and Radishes
Basil and Cilantro
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